1. Development, Social and Policy Research

a) Advisory services on Results-Based Management (RBM), Human rights-Based Approach (HRBA) and Theory of Change (ToC) principles/techniques in project planning, implementation, monitoring and reporting

b) Project/Programme M&E frameworks, Log Frames, etc.

c) Indicator and Metrics development for implementation planning, monitoring, evaluation, learning and reporting

d) Use of applicable software applications for data analysis and reporting


2. Mixed-methods data compilation using Participatory Action Research (PAR) techniques for evidenced-based programming, evaluation, and advocacy.

a) Data collection tools development (Questionnaires and Topic Guides)

b) Qualitative data collection (conduct of Key Informant Interviews, In- Depth Interviews, facilitation of Focus Group Discussions and conduct of case studies)

c) Quantitative data collection (survey methodology design, sampling and sample size determination).

d) Recruitment, Training, and deployment of data collection teams

e) Strategies for ethics/data quality assurance and control measures development


3. Provision of Business/ICT/GIS/ Software and Data Solutions

    1. Provision of Business Advisory Solutions

    2. Design and development of tools for field data collection,

    3. Development of Computer Assisted Personal interview (CAPI) tools using KoboCollect/ODK platforms

    4. Development of relational databases

    5. Development of GIS and spatial data products

    6. Development and hosting of websites



4. Conduct of Project/Programme Assessments/Evaluation

a) Assessments

b) Baseline, Mid-line and End-line Evaluations

c) Environmental, Social, Health, Impact Assessment (ESHIA)

d) Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Accredited.







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